Wack Lizardi & his Circus Whip

Wack Lizardi is a crooked Zillian ringmaster of the Fantastic Circus in the Land of Zill and the secondary villain in Felix the Cat: The Movie (released in the US in 1991). He was a high-level minion of The Duke of Zill and lorded over his subjects in the manner of a rich and corrupt businessman who would imprison anyone that didn't do as he said or could not live up to his high standards - he was also a bully and vaguely resembled a humanoid lizard.

Wack came into conflict with Felix when the cat was tricked by his lackey named Pim (who would later become a valuable ally) into surrendering his magical bag, causing him to be captured - Wack tried to get Felix to work for him but Felix refused and was imprisoned while Wack locked away the magical bag of tricks in a large metal safe in his office. Wack then proceeded to parade Felix as a caged attraction (akin to a freak show) to a large audience - he also forced Felix to perform magic tricks using the bag as part of the show, he also tried to force Felix into not telling any more jokes (as he disliked Felix's sense of humor): Felix used this to his advantage by promising not to make jokes if Wack lets him watch the Princess Oriana (who was next up in the show) - Wack agreed to this.

Felix proceeded to come up with a plan to escape Wack's prison/circus and tricked Wack once again into allowing him to perform with the princess Oriana: upon which Felix used his magical bag to create a stream of bubbles that enveloped himself and his allies, causing them to float away to safety. In the ensuing chaos Wack proceeded to fall down onto the big-top, causing it to fall apart and presumably wrecking his business as a result. He had several cylinders working for him (they were given to him by the Duke of Zill they were his personal guards. He had a living scepter that he used as a whip. It too was a dangerous villain.