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A martian trying to eat Felix

Martians appeared as antagonists in the Twisted Tales of Felix episode "Mars Needs Felix" and where depicted as extremely surreal and frightening aliens that did not appear to share a standard shape or form - with individuals displaying radically different designs and behavior.


Felix was kidnapped by the Martians when he was tricked into thinking he would get a free trip around the world (with meals included) - only to be catapulted into space via a flying saucer and transported to a fantastical version of Mars. When Felix arrived the Martians tried to force him into slave-labor but he simply beat up their leader before making a rather speedy escape from the legions of angry soldiers that pursued him - during his trip across Mars Felix encountered an innumerable sea of nightmarish creatures that existed in a state of absolute chaos. Felix was continually in danger of being eaten by the Martians, especially the infants, who seemed to have a taste for feline - however during the great battle Felix managed to ultimately escape Mars and with aid from a seemingly sentient representation of the moon began to literally sail back to Earth.