Love at First Slice is episode 10a of The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat.


Rosco is sick in the hospital. Felix tries to give him medicine, but he spits it back out. Rosco is so sick that he hallucinates Felix as a gigantic fly and shoves him out the window. At the same time, Nastassia Slinky walks by and Felix falls on her. Felix’s tail points towards her, and he offers to help her up, but she requests that she not be touched. She describes herself as a surgeon and asks that Felix not come near her, even stepping on him. Felix just figures that she likes him. While he is thinking of a way to get close to him, a donkey labeled "Idea" kicks Felix in the head, flinging him near the patient admittance room. He checks in and is seated in the same bed as Rosco.

Felix fantasies about Nastassia until another, uglier nurse named Misswit arrives to shave him. She applies a large dollop of shaving cream on Felix’s head. A sick Rosco hallucinates Felix as an ice cream sundae and tries to eat him. Felix suggests that he and Rosco have some fun, but Rosco says “what about the nurse?” Felix grabs a skeleton and places it on his bed. The skeleton thanks Felix for giving him a place to rest, and Felix and Rosco sneak off. Misswit finds the skeleton and thinks that it is Felix, who she remarks “looks so pale.” She removes its arm and pulls off its head, so she calls a "Code Blue." In the meantime, Felix and Rosco are playing a game of Pong on hospital equipment. Rosco sneezes on Felix, causing Felix to get sick.

Misswit rolls the skeleton into the room Felix and Rosco are in, and, still thinking that it is Felix, says that he will be fine after his operation. The skeleton runs away and points out that Felix is the one that she wants. Misswit points out that Nastassia will be operating on him. This greatly excites Felix, so he hops onto the table. Nastassia runs into the room and tells Felix to look deeply into her eyes and try to relax. Felix ends up hallucinating Nastassia as a repulsive spider-like creature, so he shoves her out the window, where she lands on the skeleton. She recognizes the skeleton as "John," and the skeleton recognizes Nastassia, so they make out. Felix wonders what else could go wrong, so Rosco gives Felix his medicine.