Laura is a talking parrot and the protagonist of the Laura comic strip drawn by Otto Messmer.

Her first known appearance in a cartoon is Polly-Tics (1928), where she is called Polly. In this cartoon, she is a pet parrot who organizes an army of other pets due to her objection to her owner adopting Felix.

In the Laura comic strip, Laura mimics sentences that other people say, often at the most inappropriate times. For example, in one 1931 comic strip, Laura overhears a man telling his wife "I’m tired of being ordered around-I’ll show you who’s boss!" Later, Laura walks over to a different room where a man is smoking. His wife says "John! Cut out that smoking!" Laura says "I’m tired of being ordered around-I'll show you who’s boss!" The final panel shows John beaten up and handing Laura back to her owner.[1]


In her color appearances, Laura has yellow feet and a yellow beak. Her head is red and her body is green.