Guardian Idiot is the first segment of the first episode of The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. In this episode, Felix is captured by the owner of Gut Bombs, who wishes to grind him into meat for his customers. A guardian angel is sent to rescue Felix, but ends up putting Felix in more trouble.


A fast food restaurant called "Gut Bombs" has nothing but meat on the menu. However, the owner of Gut Bombs finds that he is out of meat and begins searching for more. Felix the cat is walking outside and just happens to be spotted by the owner, who invites him in. Felix is tied up, hanged on a rope, and set to be grinded by a giant meat grinder machine of some sort.

Felix decides that the only thing he can do is scream for help, which gets the attention of Heaven's Guardian Angel department. A dumb, inexperienced angel who is looking to get rid of his "training wings" is sent to his aid, and Felix wishes to be on an ocean cruise. The angel grants his wish, or so he thought. Felix ends up on a shipwrecked pirate ship in which he uses his tail as a sword to battle skeleton pirates! He orders his guardian angel to get him on dry land. The angel took this a bit too literally and sent him to a desert. Again, Felix wishes himself out of the place. This process repeats itself many times as the angel keeps transporting Felix to more and more dangerous locations.

Felix finally decides he has had enough, and orders the angel to send him back to where he found him (the meat grinder at Gut Bombs restaurant). The angel does so, all while crying about his failure to save Felix's life. However, the owner of Gut Bombs notices the angel and, thinking he's a fairy, wishes for him to "make me the biggest, juiciest sausage in the world." The angel takes this too literally and drops the owner into the meat grinder, turning the man into a giant sausage and in the process saving Felix's life. The angel earns his real wings (which turned out to look like plane wings) and flies off happily as Felix enjoys himself a burger.