Felix the Cat Trifles with Time is a 1925 animated short produced by Pat Sullivan and released through Educational Film Exchanges.


Felix digs through a trashcan trying to find some food, but all he finds is a boot, which he eats but finds repulsive enough to not finish. He then finds a chicken hanging all the way up on a hook at the top of a tall building. He tries to climb up the building, but falls down. A man with a tuba walks by, and Felix hops inside. The man ends up blowing Felix high enough to grab the chicken, but the man who owns it tosses Felix all the way to the ground. Felix walks to a forest, where he sees Father Time walking around. The cat says “Oh Father Time, A cat can’t live nowadays—Turn me back to a better age, just for a day.” Father Time refuses, so Felix offers him some money. The man accepts and sends him back to the Stone Age.

Felix walks around until he finds a giant bone, which he starts licking. He eventually lifts it up. A giant dinosaur/dog hybrid chases him, so the cat has to abandon the bone. Felix ends up running up a tree, which the dinosaur eats. Felix runs to the edge of a cliff, so he tosses a boulder down, which produces a giant spout that he is able to use as an umbrella to float down to safety. He crosses a series of rocks until he finds one that turns out to be a dinosaur who kicks him onto dry land. The cat happens upon a tailor, where a dissatisfied customer does not like any of the clothes the tailor offers. The tailor notices Felix pacing around on all fours, so the man lures him inside with a bone, then takes his hide, leaving Felix’s body a skeleton. The customer, happy with his clothes, walks outside. Felix sees the customer strip off his clothes and go skinny-dipping in a lake. The cat sees this opportunity to regain his clothes, but the customer notices and chases after him. Felix runs up what looks to be a tree trunk, but turns out to be the trunk of a woolly mammoth.

Meanwhile, Father Time is sleeping when his clock wakes him up. He says “Time’s up—I’ll bring that cat back” and sets the clock for the 20th century, sending Felix back to the present day. The cat is delighted and starts digging in a trash can again, proclaiming "No more Stone Age for me--give me the garbage."


  • First Felix cartoon to be released through Educational Pictures.


Felix the Cat - 1925 - Felix Trifles With Time

Felix the Cat - 1925 - Felix Trifles With Time