Comicalamities is a 1928 animated short produced by Pat Sullivan and distributed by Educational Pictures.


The animator draws Felix, but neglects to fill him in with black ink, so the cat goes to a shoe shiner to get himself shined black. The cat enters a forest, where he notices a female cat crying. When she uncovers her face, Felix is repulsed because he finds her unattractive. Heartbroken, the lady begins to cry, so Felix asks the animator for an eraser, which he uses to erase her face. The animator also gives the cat a pen so he can draw the lady a new face. Felix then shows the lady her new face in the mirror and she is impressed. He then finds a gigantic flower and places it on the lady to use as a dress. Next, she wants him to get her jewelry.

The cat goes to the jeweler’s, but is put off by their high prices. He walks over to the edge of a cliff and asks the animator to draw a rope, which he uses to climb down into the ocean. He explores the ocean floor until he stops upon five sleeping oysters. He picks one up and tickles it, causing it to laugh, but it does not have a pearl, so he puts it back. He tickles another one, but still no pearl. The third oyster, however, has a whole pearl necklace inside it, so Felix takes it, tossing the oyster aside. The oyster does not stand for this and calls on a giant parent oyster to chase after the cat. Felix swims through the ocean and tries to hide in a vessel, but that attracts the attention of an eel. The cat tosses a rock inside it, but that fails to keep it at bay. Just as he escapes from the eel, he finds himself surrounded by two more sea creatures, so the cat calls on the animator to fill the ocean with ink, making it pitch-black and allowing him to escape without anyone knowing.

Felix returns to the lady and gives her the pearls. Finally, she asks for a bear rug, so the cat heads to the Arctic. He immediately finds a bear, so he drags it over using the horizon line. The bear bears up the cat quickly. After that, the cartoon almost irises-out, but Felix pushes it back. He tells the animator to take the fur coat from the bear and give it to him, which they do. He returns to the lady and gives her the fur coat. Then Felix asks for a kiss, but the lady refuses. Infuriated, he tears her from the sheet of paper and rips her to shreds. Then he asks the animator to iris-out, which they do.