Calamity Land is a "Candy Land" priority in the Twisted Tales episode Now Boarding. Felix and Sheba were playing it, and while Felix never got sick of it, Sheba is bored and calls it a "dopey kid's game", which angers their playing pieces (a spoof on the pieces for Monopoly) and they pull the two cats into the world of the board game. Calamity Land's leading character Mr. Calamity (a game-show host persona of a skeleton with dice, punning the phase "roll the bones") forces them to play the game, and tries to make it so they'd lose and play the game forever, as vengeance to anyone who calls is game "boring".

Obstacles include (but not limited to):

The Suction-Cup Swamp

The Frying Pan Forest

Look-out Lagoon


Basically, any disaster through the eyes of a house cat (or any creature of similar size) is punned in the game.