Felix The Cat Wiki
Baby Kitty
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Personality Girly
Race Cat
Faction Hero
Location Unknown
Status Alive
First appearance "Baseball-o-Rama" (2000)
Voice JP: Ai Maeda

EN: Jennifer Brassard
IT: Perla Liberatori
HU: F.Nagy Erika
PL: Barbara Zielińska

Baby Kitty will someday grow up to be the glamorous, beautiful Kitty Kat that all love. Baby Kitty is always prodding Baby Felix to get into new adventures. She has a pretty good head on her shoulders, but will get into her share of mischief just like the rest of Baby Felix's pals. After all, she is just a baby!


Baby Kitty is gorgeous and beautiful and wants to be a model and singer, she was the love interest of Baby Felix when she was born.