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Baby Felix is the rascally, childhood self of the Felix everyone knows and loves. Even then, he has a knack for getting in trouble, cravings for chocolate, and most of all, a wild imagination, which sometimes allows him to communicate with his future (current) self. He is the title character of the Baby Felix and Friends anime.


Baby Felix is a kind, sweet, and caring cat, he is a humming whistling cat boy, he is so awake, smart, and loving person, he has a crush on Baby Kitty, he blows a kiss to her as he was beautiful like her.


He is nearly identical to adult Felix, but wears clothes (usually an onesie) and has a pink nose.


Being still young, Baby Felix is much less responsible than his adult counterpart. He is mischievous, and often lands himself in trouble, much like his adult counterpart.

He has a mischievous to himself but never gets furious, he is sweet and kind towards everyone.

And, also has a Magic Bag like his adult counterpart.

Old Website Description[]



“A gentle and kindhearted cat, as Felix’s past self, he uses his magic bag who have given to him.”



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