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Alex the Cat is Felix's near look-alike cousin from the great beyond who appears in the Newspaper comic strips. He disguises himself as Felix by painting himself black in order to steal Felix's girl, Kitty .

He also makes a cameo appearance in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat episode Nightmare on Oak Street as an evil doppelganger summoned by Jeepers Creepers to beat Felix and stop him and Rosco from escaping the nightmare, and although both seemed to be an equal match Felix bested his doppelganger quickly.


Alex resembles Felix in every way except one: He is completely white, except for his eyes. Even his nose is white.

He appears in NES game, where he is shown black as in comic strips where he painted himself. He wields a six shooter that shoots cannonballs.


Not much is seen of his personality other than him being dishonest, and having no qualms towards using trickery to get what he wants.